The letters we offer are characterised by the high quality and Precision of rendition. The front, which is cut out by laser, is precisely joined to the shape of the frame / collar that surrounds it, thus creating a homogenous body.

Solidity of rendition and the resistance of the material to atmospheric conditions make our letters the best solution for exterior form of advertising.

They are available in a wide range of possible finishings, such as satin and polished surfaces or powder coating.

  • Styles include flat faced, rim and return, rimless, prismatic / bevelled
  • Available in stainless steel, aluminium and brass
  • 20mm-120mm returns shaped by our letter bender machine in seconds
  • Available as basic mill finish or fully constructed letters

Dimensional letters are an investment that decreases the costs with every year of trouble-free operation.


Face illuminated letters is a very popular and tested kind of advertisement and signage. Our letters stand out mainly because
of the type of material used – similarly as with majority of our products – it is stainless steel, exceptional visually and durable.

Our letters do not detach after years of use and plexigalss of the highest quality maintains its properties for a long time.

By applying various technological solutions, we provide a product that matches our Client’s needs together with the features of premises on which the sign is installed.

  • Suitable for interior and exterior locations
  • White, coloured and colour-changing face illumination
  • Modules calculated according to letter size and shape


State-of-the art block letters with HALO effect, i.e. glow obtained by installing LED module inside. Laser – cut, formed and welded. They give out scattered light that reflects from the surface on which they are mounted. Extremely durable – totally made of stainless steel. Attractive both day and night.

We can offer any colour of backlight, also with RGB LEDs so as to obtain the effect of 16 million colours. Used alone or in combination with a face lit effect, halo illumination adds sophistication to a sign project whether mounted to a sign tray panel, fascia or substrate or installed individually.

Available in brushed, polished or coated finishing. Ideal for historic and modern buildings. Interior or exterior halo illuminated letters
Perfect for shallow depth letters or small sign sizes. Modules calculated according to letter size.


We developed special technology to make luxury signs for creme de la creme customers.

We use the best type of stainless steel – 316L – Marine Grade which is resistant for the worst atmospheric conditions including sea water.

Channel letters are closed from the back with 15-25mm opal acrylic which cover hermetically, high quality, certified, waterproof IP68 LEDs. This makes our signs almost indestructible.

All of this cause our signs and logos unique and special.


Built up letters in PREMIUM version mean quality without compromise. The best kinds of steel with titanium and polished edges provide them with the ‘jewellery’ look.

That’s why they are an excellent solution for reception desks, offices or conference rooms. Produced even in the size of 50mm, they find
perfect use where the quality of finishing comes first.

Premium metal built up letters are created in an array of styles and materials to deliver superior quality branding at a price far less
expensive than our customers ever expect.

  • Superior quality letters with fully blended edges
  • Letters and logos as small as 50mm in height
  • Create prestigious eye level signage
  • Available in stainless steel, copper, brass


Letters made of stainless steel, gold-plated in electro-chemical process. Gold shade of 18/24K

We also do:

  • gold aged patina
  • brass aged patina
  • copper aged patina We use clear coating for more durability.

Superior quality letters that creates prestigious signage.

Letter styles include:

  • flat faced
  • rim and return
  • rimless
  • prismatic / bevelled

Available in stainless steel, copper, brass, black chrome titanium.


Letters made in this way become more sculptures than decorative signs. They are made from polished steel, are closed and compose a unified typographic body.

They blend excellently with modern interiors as well as in offices and shopping malls. Apart from models in the collections, we also provide letters on individual orders.

Superior quality with fully blended edges.

Available in stainless steel, copper, brass.

Perfect for:

  • decoration
  • gifts (initials)
  • company logo

We also fabicate the unique Broadway Style Bulb Ligh Letters.


Engraved, Etched & Ink Filled Plates. Etched or engraved nameplates are used to create subtle, understated interior or exterior identity signage for offices and company facilities.

Produced in a range of materials, we can create:

  • brass plaques
  • copper plaques
  • stainless steel plaques
    with a choice of engravings and bespoke features.

Ink filled nameplates are high quality flat plates which feature bespoke engraving or etching and an ink fill to match brand or corporate colour schemes.

Etched plates created to customer specification. Colour ink fill to match corporate identity. Suitable for internal and external


Light boxes fabircated for shop front signs are illuminated by a choice of highly efficient LED modules. They are stencil cut and backed with coloured acrylic which is then illuminated by a chosen
light source fitted within the light box.

Projecting Signs
Projecting signs are created using detailed material cutting and folding techniques. Used as secondary identity branding for shop
front signage, projecting signs are designed to increase shop visibility, particularly to pedestrians walking along the street below.

Using our skills and experience, we join various materials, styles and finishings, so that they come to your expectations. Increase street level visibility for shops and services

Displays are available in a wide range of possible finishings, i.e. satin or polished surface or powdered coating.